Sunday, August 19, 2012

Busy Bee...

Wow a lot can happen in so little time. So much so one can feel dizzy from it. I had a fashion internship, the celebrity menswear couture line freelance gig, AND now I am currently the Design Director & Lead in-house Designer for a top jewelry & accessories manufacturer... and it's only a few blocks from home!!! No commute to downtown!

Though most of the designs are not my style... not in the least haha, it feels amazing to have my work in some of the top retail stores all over the world, even in PARIS!!!

Our clients include Forever 21, Claire's, Hot Topic, Spencer's, Urban Outfitters... just to name a few. I can't talk about our projects until they're in the stores, so I can at least say that right now 4 of my necklace designs have been TOP Sellers at Spencer's since last October!

I'll post a link to them as soon as I can!

So yeah, I've got so much on my plate with this sudden jump in my career that I have no time to fret hahaha. I haven't even had time to do a single fashion sketch to post JEEZ :)

Alrighty I'm gonna go cook my mom's beef stroganoff then be lazy playing some God of War 3 on my new playstation 3.... What?! I'm like Penny from Big Bang Theory! Cute Funny and nerdy at times... Well most times teehee :-D