Friday, May 4, 2012

Inspiration of The Week

"Dancers in The Wings"
c. 1876-1878

Painted by the famous French artist Edgar Degas who was enthralled by ballet dancers. His paintings and sculptures capture such exquisite artistry and emotion. I particularly loved this piece upon seeing it at the Norton Simon Museum. I found myself unable to walk away from it. I felt as if I was one with the artist, understanding his deep fascination of the dancers as I saw through his eyes how lovingly he portrays this very candid and intimate peek behind the curtains as he focuses not on the butterfly maiden in the foreground but just past her to this milky white damsel adjusting in her pink tulle and flowery dress as the ballerinas make ready for their performance on stage. 

Quite a romantic window into the thoughts of Monsieur Degas.

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