Friday, April 27, 2012

Saville Row

Here's UK's famous Mr. B Gentleman Rhymer at a protest in London's prestigious Saville Row protesting the tainting of a historical landmark. 

"Here's what someone wrote:
For those of you are interested; check out youtube for a documentary on why the introduction of Abercrombie and Fitch to the historical Savile Row is such a terrible thing. For those interested in knowing why, but lack the time to watch it, here's a quick tl;dw:

Within the clothing community, literally no other areas command as much respect for fine clothing as Savile Row. Kings and Emporers, celebrities and the rich, have all bought their clothing here for years. Napolean himself is still in the ledgers of some of the shops on this row. As such, the very name "Savile Row" adds prestige to clothing. A&F will cash in on this, with low quality trash that sullies everything the Row has stood for. This is not the sole problem, but rather, the expense and property tax of these buildings will continue to grow, while Savile Row tailors struggle to make ends meet. (Which should give you some indication as to the cost and expertise going into the suits, as they charge upwards of 5k for the most basic suits). To force these places out of business (unintentionally), would be a great loss, both sartorially and historically speaking."

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