Thursday, April 19, 2012

MARCHESA Georgina Chapman

Here's sketch I did of the MARCHESA gown that the gorgeous designer Georgina Chapman wore at the 84th Academy Awards this year. She is truly an inspiration in beauty and talent.

Alrighty so here's the deal. I realized that I haven't been putting up any fashion sketches especially since graduating from FIDM and I feel my blog has been veering off from my original goal, so I've decided to zero in on my love of fashion by:

1. Posting my sketches of the latest fashions on the runway.
2. Posting inspiration photos of the catwalks and even folks on the street who have unique style.
3. Every Thursday I will post the "INSPIRATION of the WEEK."

(Don't worry I'll still be updating what's new in my HAUS of NAHRIN shop!)

ENJOY!!! :)

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