Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Actor (and stud-muffin) Lee Pace has just been confirmed to play in Peter Jackson's THE HOBBIT as Thranduil The Elven King and Father of Legolas!!!!

Twinkle toes best move on over when 
Lee paces on set... pun intended LOL :)

Stellar casting for stellar performers. If you haven't seen Lee's film The FALL shown in the images above, I'd suggest you check it out. Gorgeous cinematography and beautiful storytelling.


Ana said...

I really enjoyed the fall,the friendship with the little girl, the fantasy world and the tribute to 20s movies at the end was beautiful :)
I like him in pushing daisies too.

Nahrin said...

He's a damn fine actor! Pushing Daisies was great and so was Wonder Falls. He didn't have as big a part in that short lived series but it was hilariously witty ;)