Monday, June 27, 2011

Featuring: BearyCreative

 "I have been an artist in some way my whole life. I have always been in art programs when I was in school, and would draw from animal books for hours, and make illustrations for short stories that my sister and I would create. I started painting about 4 years ago. I started out using oil paints, then moved to acrylic due to the mess I made with the oils :) 

My favorite things to paint are skeleton family portraits, peacocks, and whimsical trees. It's my personal belief that the only way to grow and become a better artist is to paint a little everyday. Since opening my shop in August 2010, I have sold 80+ paintings, have been involved in 2 local art festivals, and have my art for sale at a local restaurant. I feel very fortunate to be able to do what I love everyday :) "

                             "Black Cat"                                 "Rainbows & Peacocks"
                      "Thora and Nora"                                 "Zombie Ball"


BearyCreative said...

Thanks so much :)


sweet blog! lovw it!

Nahrin said...

You're most welcome BC!