Thursday, June 9, 2011

Amethyst Necklace...

My NIRA Amethyst Necklace was treasured on ETSY!!

FYI an ETSY "TREASURY" is when people on ETSY select  items from their favorite shops and make a public list for everyone to see. Sellers cannot put their own items in treasuries, so its really marvelous when people love your work so much that they showcase it for you! 
Its great for us sellers as it boosts sales! 


Melissa Kojima said...

Oh, wonderful! Yeah, it's fun when someone adds you to a treasury. What a lovely necklace! Congrats!

BTW, I love your art prints! Amazing work!

Nahrin said...

It definitely is fun. Thanks so much Melissa! I totally dig your work. If you ever wanna swap features let me know. I'd be more than glad to feature your work :)