Monday, February 7, 2011

Swan Lake

Here is one of the paintings I finished just now at 2 a.m. LA time.

"Swan Lake "

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I've been dying to paint imagery from all the fairytales and myths
that I grew up with and love dearly still. Thanks to the film BLACK SWAN,
I couldn't make any more excuses for putting it off.

Aranofsky is so understanding of the tales of old
and of the feminine spirit through it's journey to darkness or light.
The film was a masterpiece, BRAVO!


Marmax said...

Really beautiful work Nahrin. I love the texture on the feathers.

Nahrin said...

Thanks a bunch Mark!

The Rebels Residence said...

This is beautiful! :)

The Rebels Residence said...


Nahrin said...

Thanks Sweetie!

Melissa Kojima said...

Amazing. I love it. Haven't seen Black Swan yet.

Nahrin said...

Thanks Melissa!

diana said...