Thursday, August 26, 2010

Love, Love, LOVE these lyrics!!!

Excerpt from: "GLASS" by BAT FOR LASHES

"I will rise now
And go about the city
In the street's broadways I seek
Him whom my soul loveth

Went over the sea
What did I find
A thousand crystal towers
A hundred emerald cities
And the hand of the watchman
In the night sky
Points to my beloved
A knight in crystal armor

And I tried to hold him
I tried for the creed
I'll make a suit of colors
To stop the blinding mirrors
Sew a cape of red and gold
Stifled up the beam
With the perfect armor
With a perfect dream

To be made of glass
When two suns are shining
The battle becomes blinding
To be made of glass
But we ride tonight, tonight, tonight, we ride"

... so inspiring. Oh such is the fate of a dreamer.

Thursday, August 12, 2010