Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To my Dragon Lord...

Have you ever stared at a beautiful painting or gazed at a magnificent statue and wondered, "what would it be like to live in that moment." To rise with the heroes of myth or to love as Héloïse and Abelard from the times now dust, even for but a day in a lifetime.

As an artist, I feel a deeper understanding for life and the human spirit. During my stay in Paris a couple of years back, I was truly moved, spiritually, walking within the great walls of Notre Dame. I would place my hand along the stones, the pews, and the columns and it was awe. And it wasn't just because it was holy ground. No, in fact it wasn't that at all. It was as if I could feel the spirits of old who had ever walked along those stones, the nobility who had knelt before the altar upon making their vows, or the workers who had died building the cathedral. I could feel them all coursing through my being, and I was walking with them... outside of time. There are no words to describe it other than it was most profound.

For a long while, I've carried a sketch that I drew of a man I dreamt of since I was a child. This man always had a distinct look about him, an aloof air yet of masculine bearing. A man of purpose who does not look but sees with those telling blue eyes that know more than he'd say. A man of few words, a man of thought.... a dream man.

Last year, he suddenly.... appeared. I was stunned speechless. Was I mad? Or maybe I needed better contacts? It was impossible to think he simply walked off the page and into my life. HAH! But there he was, my Dragon Lord. I couldn't help but sneak looks here and there. Still trying to psych myself out of what was happening. I never actually got a chance to speak to him, for just as suddenly as he appeared, I looked away for a second and he had vanished.

And so I muse, can it be that all your life you can dream of someone and find that, at least in bearing and visage, they actually exist? Perhaps I'd known him in another life...

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