Monday, February 2, 2009

Macs or Pcs?

I apologize if any of my paintings seem too dark. Mac computers are very bright and show the true colors and the full range of values used in each piece, however, they tend to come up way too dark on PC's for some reason. A lot of Mac users and people with LCD screens seem to have the same problem when posting their work online. Then if you adjust it so that it will look good on a PC, the image looks washed out when viewed on a Mac. I will do my best to find a happy medium when posting online. :D 


tomnel said...

When you export a jpeg try converting whatever profile you are using (Usually adobeRGB) to sRGB and make sure to export it with a color profile attached.

Also try checking your adobe gamma settings.

Nahrin said...

I've been using sRGB but I'll check the other settings as well. THANKS!